Ironbeard Tattoo was established in 1992. Tattoos and piercings are offered in a clean, sterile, and friendly environment. Feel free to come in with your own ideas and inspire our artists. We will also be happy to look over any reference materials you have to design the custom piece you would like. We have three artists that can cover a wide variety of styles. We prefer drawing custom pieces for each client. Welcome for an appointment or consultation. Walk-ins available, but appointments are encouraged.


Tattoo is a wound so take good care of it. There is many different ways to take care of your tattoo but I recommend following:

Remove plastic wrap after 3-4 hours. Always wash your hands first before touching the tattooed area. Wash the tattoo well  with water and soap. Any mild soap is fine. Spread a thin layer of cream and massage it into your skin. I recommend using red Bepanthen, what you can buy from any pharmacy. Get a new Bepanthen cream for every new tattoo!

Wash the tattoo at least 2-3 times a day and use Bepanthen 4-10 times a day. For the first night, put on a new plastic wrap over the cream, but only for the first night. Try not to cover your tattoo after that unless you are told to do so. Healing will take 2-4 weeks depending on the person and skin type. I recommend following these instructions to wash and cream your tattoo for at least two weeks.

Risks and notes:

For the first couple days the tattoo may bleed releasing some ink, or there might appear bruises. The skin might also be red and tender. Also, the healing skin will make a itching scab, and with that some of the colors may also come out. Do not pick or peel the scab. Don’t scratch your tattoo. Avoid rubbing around the area and try to use loose clothes.

Avoid public saunas, spas, gyms  (exercise machines) and swimming. Those places have bacteria that is always an infection risk. Keep the tattoo clean and always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.

At least for the first month, avoid exposure to sun. After that you can use sun lotion. Note that sunlight always makes the colors fade no matter if it was old or new tattoo.

I would like to see your tattoo healed so if it is possible, visit me at the shop. After a month or so after the tattooing, we see if there is something to fix or not. I have a guarantee. If you neglect these instructions and the result is infection, I don’t take the responsibility for it.

If there is any questions or problem, contact your artist first.

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